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Business & Products

Fluorine Chemical

In fluorine chemical, Yuji Tech has been dedicated in R&D and production of ODS alternatives,electronic gases, insulating gases and fluorine fine chemicals, and has applied for 62 invention patents of which 20 have been granted. Products cover special gases, cleaning agents, fire extinguishing agents, aerosol propellants, refrigerants, etc. Our Core products include CF3I, C4F6, C4F7N etc.

LED Light Source

In the field of LED light sources, YUJILEDS® enters photography lighting, high-end indoor lighting and other fields with LED light sources which are close to natural light. YUJILEDS® specializes in high color rendering and spectrum customization technologies, using proprietary phosphors and matching excellent chips in the industry to achieve full-spectrum LED lighting solutions.

LED Phosphor

In the field of LED phosphor, Nakamura Yuji have a variety of phosphors including Nitride, YAG, Silicate and other new kind of materials, and own intellectual property rights. The emission peak wavelengths of Nakamura Yuji’s phosphors appear each 5-10nm in the range of visible light,which is very helpful for LED package companies.

International Business

Yuji officially started its international trading business in December 2009 and called the corresponding department Yuji Intl. Yuji Intl mainly sells LED phosphors, LED packages, LED lighting fixtures, fluorine chemicals, and other related chemical materials that produced by Yuji holding subsidiaries. All business in the international market are handled by Yuji Intl Co., Ltd.

Company History


In 2005, Beijing Yuji Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established.


In 2006, Beijing Nakamura-Yuji Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by Yuji Tech and Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry Co., Ltd (Japan). It focuses on luminous materials for lighting and display.


In 2008, Beijing Yuji-Xinguang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded concentration on R&D and production of LED packaging.


In 2010, Beijing Yuji-Shenguang was founded by Yuji Tech and Shaanxi Shenguang New Energy Investment Company, working on R&D of ODS alternatives and fine fluorine chemicals.


In 2011, Shenguang New Energy increased capital in Beijing Nakamura-Yuji and built up a new industrialization base in Xi’an.


In 2012, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan) increased capital in Beijing Nakamura-Yuji, realizing cooperation of two leaders in LED nitride phosphors.

In the same year, Yuji Tech, together with Shenguang New Energy, established Shaanxi Shenguang Chemistry Co., Ltd., the industrialization base of Yuji fluorine chemical business.


In 2013, Beijing Yuji International Co., Ltd. was founded to promote Yuji high CRI LED products worldwide and broaden application range to film and photography lighting, color measurement, gallery display, etc.


In 2014, Yuji (Langfang) Advance Materials Co., Ltd. was founded to specialize in fluorinated the development of electronic gases and isocyanate production by non-fluoro phosgene method.